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smart FIX

smart FIX – the standard for processing general and unstructured incoming mail
A software suite from German manufacturer Insiders Technologies

Use the intelligent software products from “Insiders Technologies” to automate your business processes as much as possible. The following software suites have proven successful in digitizing all of a company’s incoming mail (applications, contracts, orders, invoices, etc.), regardless of whether the information is received in email form, from online input, in an app, or traditionally through the mail.

This is how modern input management works as the basis for digitizing business processes: Based on the document entry point, we provide automatic distribution of document content within your company and ensure intelligent linking of documents and business processes. Exhaust the efficiency potential of your business transactions and reduce costs within your company.

Digital Mailroom

Company-wide processing of all documents: From connecting all input channels to centrally monitoring and controlling all processes. - Suitable for emails and paper and electronic documents.


smart FIX - Invoice OCR
smart FIX - Invoice OCR smart FIX - Invoice OCR for software-based content capture from paper invoices

Automated processing of all incoming invoices in your ERP system for optimal accounting processes – from traditional paper invoices to e-invoicing. This allows for the extraction of fixed invoice content from general vendor invoices. The system distinguishes between invoices, reminders and credit notes, automatically separates multiple-page documents and uses learning mechanisms to optimize the error detection rate


Automated processing of incoming orders for efficient ordering and procurement processes: Automated control of the entire ordering process from receipt to delivery of goods and invoicing.


Automated processing of forms: Capture all information from forms through all input channels and use it to optimize business processes.

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