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The right choice of software is critical

We focus on collaboration with market-leading software providers to guarantee that you, as the customer, will receive the greatest possible quality and flexibility. You also decide whether we install the software on your premises or run the application from our service centers.

  • Alusta Invoice

    Automate your invoice handling process with Alusta Invoice from Basware: This solution receives electronic and paper invoices, automates data collection, reconciles invoices with orders and contracts, runs an assessment and approval process, and transfers data to your ERP or financial system.

  • Alusta Purchase

    Automate your company's purchasing processes with Basware. With this high-performance, cost-effective and efficient software solution, you can accelerate, control and monitor purchase requisition, review and approval processes. It is the optimal solution for purchasing indirect goods and services.

  • enaio® ECM

    enaio® organizes the daily flood of largely unstructured data and information that a company handles in an integrated platform. Information is not just recorded, archived and managed in a document system, but is also updated and made available to eligible employees as and when it is required.

  • smart FIX Capture

    Use the intelligent software products from "Insiders Technologies" to automate your business processes as much as possible. The following software suites have proven successful in digitizing all of a company's incoming mail (applications, contracts, orders, invoices, etc.), regardless of whether the information is received in email form, from online input, in an app, or traditionally through the mail.

Examples of use

  • Case handling: Leasing request, claim, insurance application and task management
  • Purchase-to-pay: Order management, vendor invoice processing, expense processing
  • Electronic files: Personnel file, customer file, supplier and contract file
  • Industry-specific solutions for: Telcos, tax authorities, pension funds, banks and insurance funds

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