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enaio® - Company-wide information management

A software suite from German manufacturer Optimal Systems

People work together, increasingly without ever having met each other personally. Electronic documents, fast processors, high-performance networks – everything is already in place. Your employees can access data and documents from anywhere in the world. enaio® optimizes access to the wealth of data in your company and paves the way to a company-wide information management system that is tailored to your requirements.

enaio® organizes the daily flood of largely unstructured data and information that a company handles in an integrated platform. Information is not just recorded, archived and managed in a document system, but is also updated and made available to eligible employees as and when it is required.

Essential features

  • A clearer overview: future-orientated interface design
  • Improved handling: context-related menu controls make the system intuitive to use
  • More detailed information: advanced full-text search and filtration of hit lists
  • Smart preview: Content, index data, notes and processing histories at a glance
  • Work on the go: Access business information anywhere and at any time via the web and the app

enaio®, the latest in ECM software, represents the next step in software manufacturer OPTIMAL SYSTEMS’ constant development of its company-wide information management platform. The motto “Finding is the new searching” succinctly reflects what enaio® is all about. The improvements focus on the very reasons why the software was created: To find company information quickly and easily, to make administration transparent, to distribute selectively and to archive in an audit-proof way. Processes are planned more effectively and implemented more efficiently.

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