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Alusta - number one for invoice verification

A software suite from Finnish software developer Basware

Automate your invoice handling process with Alusta Invoice from Basware: This solution receives electronic and paper invoices, automates data collection, reconciles invoices with orders and contracts, runs an assessment and approval process, and transfers data to your ERP or financial system. You will also gain control and transparency over the entire process. Integrated, electronic processing of your supplier invoices speeds up transactions and reduces costs.

Gone are the days when manual invoice processing was a conventional procedure, when staff handling incoming mail had to open each envelope and stamp the invoices with the date of receipt. Invoices were then passed onto a second staff member, who examined them and ensured that the relevant goods or services were delivered and that the invoice amount was correct. Invoices were then sent to a third staff member for assignment, then to a fourth for approval, and finally to a fifth for the final filing and payment procedure. Each individual almost certainly would have made a photocopy of the invoice for their personal files. Manual processing was and is very time-consuming and costly.

Creditor workflow with Alusta Invoice
Creditor workflow with Alusta Invoice

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