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Digitization services à la carte

Tessi Solutions’ mailroom solutions recognize document content with all kinds of structures – from free-form text documents to forms. The source and medium (paper, email, fax, or Office document) plays no role in this process. The data that is read using this mechanical procedure is then processed in the relevant business process, approved and finally archived in compliance with the law. The process is accelerated and may be automated as a result of the fully digital processing.

Services à la carte
Services à la carte Five process steps from digitization to processing business cases

Sample customer 1

Tessi Solutions scans, extracts indices, records unrecognized documents and archives the documents (steps 1 to 4). The customer then accepts the data into their system and processes the business case (step 5).

Sample customer 2

The customer scans (step 1). The data is mechanically extracted at Tessi Solutions’ service center before being manually recorded, where necessary (steps 2 and 3). The business case is returned to the customer, who then archives and processes the case (steps 4 and 5).

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