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Electronic archiving

Storing, developing and preparing information is a prerequisite for the working capacity of modern companies and administrations. With the exponential growth of electronic information, the problems of long-term storage are increasing, although modern software techniques are much better suited to managing information than was conventionally possible with paper, folders and shelves. More and more information is created digitally and distributing on paper is simply a representation of the original electronic document. The use of electronic signatures gives electronic documents the same legal character as documents that were originally signed by hand. In legal terms, such digital documents only exist in electronic form.

In order to carry out legally compliant and audit-proof archiving of your documents and data, Tessi Solutions offers tailored archiving services that you can use immediately without major investment.

You need not worry about operation, maintenance, or any software upgrades – the system is monitored by our specialists around the clock. We ensure that nothing is left to be desired in terms of performance and service quality. Your documents are in safe hands with us.

If you wish to use the archiving solution on your premises, we will gladly assist you at the design and installation stage and support you with respect to software maintenance or application management.

Information: From receipt to electronic archiving
Information: From receipt to electronic archiving

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