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Scanning on premises or at a scanning center

We can scan on your premises or at one of our service centers. We use professional document scanners that are specifically designed for production purposes in order to achieve optimum image quality. This is especially important when information is automatically read in a subsequent step.

Everyone has them in their office: Thick folders or hanging files with countless records and documents. Over the years, a huge document mountain builds up containing personnel files, payroll records, contracts, accounting receipts, property accounts, expense receipts, delivery notes and all sorts of correspondence. The loss of information in the event of a fire or water damage would be particularly critical. This is precisely where Tessi Solutions’ services come in – we scan and index your archived documents at one of our scanning centers or on your premises.

We then transfer the scanned documents to your digital archiving department. If you do not want to archive the documents yourself, we recommend our archiving services, which are also available as cloud services.

Digital mailroom from Tessi Solutions
Digital mailroom from Tessi Solutions

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