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The functioning purchase-to-pay or order-to-cash process forms the basis of each company and can be easily outsourced.

Purchase-to-pay components

  • Modeling of the entire process from ordering through to receipt of goods up to the payment of the supplier’s invoice
  • Design, implementation and commissioning of the solution with advanced software components
  • Operating and hosting the solution in Tessi Solutions’ data center
  • Receiving the vendor invoice, processing, review/reconciliation and account assignment by Tessi employees
  • Forwarding special cases for review and instruction to the customer’s specialists

Objectives of a purchase-to-pay solution

  • Electronic processing of the purchase requisition and approval through the highly automated account assignment, review and approval of the invoice to the archiving of all documents and records
  • Process automation and shorter processing times
  • Compliance, traceability, and transparency of the entire purchase-to-pay process
  • Know the status of each order and invoice
  • Updated liquidity planning/overview of all liabilities at any time
  • Dashboard with analyzes, reports, and KPIs

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