HR Recruiting Support

The lack of suitable specialists and executives means HR managers are facing ever greater challenges. Many HR managers are already feeling the significant effects of the skilled labor shortage and recruiting efforts are increasing exponentially.

HR recruiting components

  • Data extraction from social media profiles
  • Review in terms of structure/completeness of documents
  • Keyword search/automatic triage
  • Consolidation of texts, data, etc. into a uniform format
  • Storage or destruction of documents, digital data etc. in line with data protection law
  • Translations
  • Data analysis, process optimization (e.g. Six Sigma)
  • Manual reworking, matching customer criteria vs. resumes
  • Standard rejections to eliminated candidates

Supporting processes

  • Scanning personnel documents
  • Registering sickness and accident reports
  • Monitoring/dunning in the event of absences caused by sickness or accident
  • Writing references and evidence of employment
  • Submitting work permit applications
  • Providing relocation services for senior employees

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